Daylight Negative Film for making Polymer Stamps

Product Description

  • For better results, use effixcontactfilm Developing Chemical.
  • The effixstamp Contact Film can be operated safely under Daylight condition. The contact film is suitable for preparing negatives with contact work under normal room light. It is useful for making negatives for Polymer Stamp making process and printing.


  • The contact film can be operated under roomlight condition. No Darkroom required.
  • The Contact Film is of High Resolution, High Contrast and has excellent dot sharpness.
  • The Contact Film can provide excellent result as it is dimensionally stable and flat.
  • It can be exposed easily while placed under UV Lamp Exposure Unit for Stamp making or any simple exposure unit with UV Lamps.

Daylight Contact Film available in following Sizes
  • 10 inch. x 12 inches, 8 inch x 10 inches.

  • Incandescent lamp is recommended.

  • Exposure light source could be xenon lamp or iodine-gallium lamp with abundant UV.
  • Correct exposure condition should be determined by tests because of different light source intensity.

  • Recommended effixstamp Developing Chemical Part ‘1’ and Part ‘2’
  • Developing Time depends on the UV Lamp exposure Unit and the conditions of the work atmosphere.
  • Suggest Customers to try and decide the right timings depending on their UV Lamp exposure Unit.


Unpacked under Incandescent lamp with emulsion side down to minimize time to the emulsion layer, so that safety could be enhanced. Repack the left film as the former packing. Handle with care to avoid friction, folding, oil sludge and finger prints damage.


Cool and dry. Storage temperature shall not be higher than 20°C, Relative Humidity not more than 65%. If it is humid and warm, the film shelflife would be shortened. Avoid radioactive or harmful substances.