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The “Effixstamp” brand is the Trademark of M/s. Gayatri Graphics Inc., based in the city of Mangalore in India.

The “Effixstamp” brand is the Trademark of M/s. Gayatri Graphics Inc., based in the city of Mangalore in India. The firm is owned by Mr. Hemal Narendra, and he has vast experience in this business.

Having travelled extensively across the world and with the good relationship with all suppliers, he has been able to be one of the leading and most reliable suppliers of Flash Preink Stamp Materials in India.

After a lot of research on the subject, we finally with support from our suppliers have been successfully able to develop exclusive designs of Flash Preink Stamp Holders and also a new technology wherein the Flash Preink Stamps can be manufactured with a very simple process. This technology has been patented and design registered.

By the introduction of this new technology, we will be able to revolutionise the Flash Preink Stamp making process.

1980 - Founded

Gayatri Graphics Inc. ( Formerly Known as Gayatri Enterprises ), was founded by our father Narendra Popatbhai in 1980, as a Retail Rubber Stamp Manufacturer.

1995 - Launched Polymer Rubber Stamps

We were the first to commercially launch Polymer Rubber Stamps in 1995, and to expand our business we starded our branch in Bangalore

2001 - Manufacture of Flash Preink Stamps

In the year 2001, we started manufacture of Flash Preink Stamps. We were focused on providing quality material to our customers and hence decided to identify genuine manufacturers who manufacture quality Flash Preink Stamp Materials.

2003 - Flash Preink Stamp Materials

We were appointed as the distributors for India by companies which were leading Stamp manufacturing suppliers .

2008 - Own Design of Flash Pre Ink Stamp Mounts

We decided to launch our own design of Flash Preink Stamp mounts.

2014 – Launch of our brand Effixstamp

We launched our brand Effixstamp as well as a new patended process to manufacture flash pre ink stamps.

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