Pocket Stamp PS Series

Product Description

  • Refillable Flash Preink Pocket Stamp.
  • Light Weight and Handy Design.
  • The Pocket Stamp can be easily carried on tours due to its sleek design.
  • Ink Refilling provision.
  • Index Window to affix label displaying the content of the Flash Preink Stamp.
  • Available in 3 different Sizes.

Size Chart : PS Series

Model Size
PS-01 32X32mm
PS-02 56x24mm
PS-03 67x24mm

PS Series Pocket Stamp with Bonded Foam

This is a patented technology exclusively developed by Gayatri Graphics Inc.

The features of using Bonded Foam in manufacture of Pocket Stamp is as follows

  • The Flash Foam is bonded with Ink Cartridge material and the synthetic material has good and faster ink absorption properties.
  • Once the Flash Foam is exposed in the Flash Preink Stamp Machine, just pour the required quantity of Flash Inks over the Ink Cartridge material. The quantity of Flash Inks to be poured varies according to the size of the Pocket Stamp Mount. The Inking Chart will be provided by us.
  • As the Flash Ink is poured on the Ink Cartridge, the Bonded Foam has to be glued to the Pocket Stamp Mount. The Flash Inks will take a minimum of 20 minutes and above to get absorbed in the Bonded Foam after which the impressions can be affixed. The Inking time varies depending on the size of the Pocket Stamp Mount.
  • The Pocket Stamp manufactured with Bonded Foam will deliver more than 10,000 impressions per inking, as the total thickness of Bonded Foam is 8mm. We are the first to introduce the concept of Bonded Foam with increased thickness and it absorbs lesser ink but still delivers maximum impressions due to the synthetic Ink Cartridge Material.

Benefits of using Bonded Foam Technology to manufacture Pocket Stamps

  • Faster Production.
  • No messing with Inks as the Foam does not have to be dipped in an Inking Tray.
  • As the Flash Inks poured are of fixed quantities, there will be no over inking, hence saving on the cost of Flash Inks.
  • As there is no Overinking the quality of impressions is very fine.