Multi Resistant Laser Rubber

This rubber has been developed for a special job.

Designed especially to be used with oil based inks, yet additionally, the advantage is that it can also be used with alcohol based inks. Both kinds of inks are good and safe with this kind of rubber.

  • Suitable for single colour and multi color stamps.


  • Great strength and smoothness.
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to ignition.
  • Resistance to oil based inks.
  • Low dust emission while it is being engraved.
  • Resistance to alcohol based inks.
  • Suitable for single colour and multi color stamps.
  • Outstanding engraving and impression quality.

EcoFine Laser Rubber Sizes and Details

  • The EcoFine Laser Rubber are available on any sizes as per resuest.
Details Description
Available size A4, A3*
Thickness 2.3mm**
Hardness 53 Sh +/- 3 Sh
Pack included 10 pcs
Weight 2.2 kg
    • * any other size available on request
    • ** other thickness available: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.8mm, 3.3mm, 6mm, different thickness available on request
    • Multi resistant rubber can be used to mark any surfaces especially when use of oil-based inks is required.
    • Stamping with oil based inks is especially recommended for areas with high humidity, for concrete or metal to prevent from corrosion, or for absorbent surfaces where high resistance to the effects of light and weather is required.


  • 10 sheets/box. Ready laser rubber is packed in naturally recycled cartons.
  • Every rubber sheet is separated by paper – to prevent rubber from sticking together.